yellowing leafs

by Chris Davis
(Lowell Indiana USA)

alot of my leafs are turning yellow and i dont know why. also what are the correct times to prune these trees?

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Jul 09, 2010
Yellowing leaves
by: Admin (Bonsai Made Easy)

Hi Chris,

Good question!

In regards to your yellowing leaves, it would be helpful to first know the species you are dealing with, but since I don't know, lets talk basics for now....

Basically yellowing leaves are often a sign of watering problems, in your situation, most likely over-watering. As a test cut your watering in half for a week and see if colour returns to the leaves. Also, avoid watering the leaves themselves - particularly in direct sunlight. This can cause leaf burn and a yellowing which often turns black (like a burn).

As far as pruning goes it varies for different species. As a rough guide though, most pruning should be done at the start of Spring and again, only if necessary throughout summer.

Hope this helps!

Lee (

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