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yew bonsai


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We are a little biased towards the yew, and would recommend to anyone to include one in their collection, or even to start their collection! They are truly easy to grow and will provide years of viewing pleasure!

Ok, so, firstly we'll start with the understanding that the yew is quite different to a juniper, but, share the ability to live in dry, alkaline soil in large sun exposure areas. The yew is also at home in moist and acidic soil and can survive up to 1500 years! In Europe the yew is considered to be the longest living conifer, alongside the Olive!

The growth of a yew is slow and steady and you will benefit from starting a tree off from a garden center, one that already has established a trunk. Also, if cared for properly, the yew can also provide you with berry-like fruit, earned by growing a female and male together. If started from seed, this process would take years!

Enough background......... Lets learn how to grow a magnificent yew bonsai!

Soil, Lighting & Watering

• Use a well drained loam soil that is well drained

• Full sunlight is always best for a yew bonsai, if possible. If this is not possible they can perform well in shade also, but ensure you never move a yew from long periods of sunlight straight into shade. This will cause the leaves to die

• Ensure you do not allow the soil to become waterlogged

Water daily, and twice daily in hotter months. In the mornings and evenings is best. Do not water your yew in direct sunlight and never water the foliage!


Feed your yew once-fortnightly during Spring and once a month throughout summer. Never feed during winter!

• Use an organic liquid fertilizer, one that is low in nitrogen


• Repot your yew every 3 years, or when roots start to become entangled, preventing drainage. Be vigilant, otherwise pests and disease will take hold!

Pruning & Wiring

• Prune your yew bonsai throughout the growing season

• Much like the juniper, pinch out new growth at the start of Spring

• Yews will tend to branch outwards, rather than upwards. To combat this, cut branches down late in the growing season. Leave foliage on the remainder of the branch to encourage growth the next season.

• Wire your yew early in the wiring season. Use very light wire on newer growth

• Go for any style that suits Junipers, namely Informal Upright, Formal Upright and cascade

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